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Private Jet Airports in Philadelphia, PA

Airports in Philadelphia, PA for Private Jets and Charter Flights

Private jets flying to the Philadelphia area can choose from 3 centrally located private jet airports, as well as 4 additional airfields suitable for piston and turboprop aircraft.

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What Airports do Private Jets land at in Philadelphia?

Private flights can be arranged into the city’s main aviation hub, Philadelphia International, however, the most popular choice for business and luxury jets is Northeast Philadelphia (PNE), featuring a 7,000 foot runway, 2 dedicated FBO’s, and 24 hours customs services. Trenton-Mercer is another option focused on general and business aviation, and allows clients to arrive on the north side of the city.

Doylestown, Wings Field, South Jersey Regional, and Flying W all feature runways over 3,000 feet in length, and offer flexible routing options for flights on smaller piston and prop planes.

(KPHL, PHL) Philadelphia International Airport – Philadelphia, PA

  • Longest Runway: 12,000 feet
  • FBO Service: Atlantic Aviation
  • Customs & Immigration: 06:00 – 22:00 ; +1 215 863 4272

(KPNE, PNE) Northeast Philadelphia Airport – Philadelphia, PA

  • Longest Runway: 7,000 feet
  • FBO Service: Atlantic Aviation – North Philadelphia Jet Center
  • Customs & Immigration: 24hrs PNR

(KTTN, TTN) Trenton–Mercer Airport – Trenton, NJ

(KDYL, DYL) Doylestown Airport – Doylestown, PA

(KLOM, LOM) Wings Field Airport – Philadelphia, PA

  • Longest Runway: 3,700 feet

(KVAY, VAY, LLY) South Jersey Regional Airport – Mount Holly, NJ

(N14) Flying W Airport – Lumberton, NJ

(KOQN, OQN) Brandywine Regional Airport – West Chester, PA

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